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Strategic services to take advantage of Amazon and European Retail Media Networks.

Kiliagon's strategy start from a deep knowledge of Retail and Digital advertising rules.

Amazon and Retail Media Networks have a key role in the e-commerce systems in terms of popularity, visibility and in terms of sales, thanks to their unmatchable growth trends; behind this reputation, however, there is also a great complexity of management and strategy. With its technological tools and advanced optimization techniques Kiliagon is the solution for its customers' success.

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Audit & Market Analysis

Audit & Market Analysis

Amazon market analysis with specific category insights to define the best strategies to launch new products and identify what are the areas of improvement to focus on.

  • Keyword opportunity analysis with traffic in Amazon estimates

  • Market share analysis with revenue for competing companies estimates

  • Price positioning analysis by subcategory

  • Positioning analysis with advertising pressure evaluation

  • Buy Box analysis with price policy trend

  • Analysis of best practices competitors and best-selling products

  • Reviews analysis both for the products in the catalog and for competitors

  • Sentiment analysis with customer satisfaction index

Catalogue Management

Catalogue Management

Full brand management on Amazon Channel with analysis and monitoring of best category practices in order to increase the conversion rate.

  • SEO analysis for best keyword identification and title, bullet point and description definition

  • Tracking product placement for referral keywords: the higher the indexing of the product, the easier it will be for the user to find the product

  • Amazon brand registry request management and corporate page definition

  • Strategic consulting and content creation: store page, a+, brand stories according to the latest Amazon releases

  • Organic trends analysis and sponsorship discoverability ranking

  • Analysis of best practices competitors and best-selling products

  • Content upload management and periodic checks of any changes

Sales & Price Monitoring

Sales & Price Monitoring

Analysis and monitoring of the Amazon Buy Box share and management of price fluctuations: the goal is to be able to increase the buyability rate to achieve greater revenues on the product.

  • Definition of a half-yearly or annual business plan with KPI monitoring

  • Realization of commercial and promotional plan in accordance with company policies

  • Lost Buy Box tracking and bulk offers

  • Personal data of the sellers competing for the Buy Box with vat and country details

  • Reseller reporting with sub-list prices

  • Management of special deals and Amazon special events (Black Friday, Prime Day)

Media Advertisement Strategy & Management

Media Advertisement Strategy & Management

Complete media management to increase visibility and sales on Amazon Channel, starting from the analysis of the scenario to the definition of the revenues goal.

  • ADV competition analysis for competitor identification and reference scenario

  • Keyword analysis and bidding strategy with a focus on budget definition

  • Day-by-day management of campaigns and optimizations both In-Amazon and Out-Of-Amazon via sponsored ads and Amazon DSP

  • In-depth reporting with insights and actionable points with focus on the main media and Amazon metrics, such as CPC, RoAS, New-To-Brand, Impression Share

  • Reporting opportunities to increase revenues

  • Full strategies work through Sponsored ADS Console, DSP Amazon and Reservation with the possibility of video campaigns, Twitch and Fire TV, sponsorship with evaluation of the results not only in terms of performance RoAS oriented but also of Channel Increase

  • Amazon campaigns tracking analysis; not only via Amazon platforms, such as Syzmek, Amazon Marketing Cloud, Cleaning Room, Amazon Attribution

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Brand analysis with the aim of protection, both in terms of competition and in terms of re-sellers.

  • Review of the Amazon Channel

  • Category price analysis

  • Buy Box analysis and management

  • Re-seller and price mapping management with alerts

Customer Service

Customer Service

Full customer service monitoring, focusing on a dialogue with customers and product sheet optimization.

  • Category benchmark analysis

  • Q&A section and reviews analysis

  • Handling Q&A section and reviews



Specialized on-demand courses dedicated to business managers in order to make the team autonomous in the brand management on the Amazon Channel.

  • Amazon context strategic study and successful case studies

  • Design of new product launches on Amazon and ramp-up phase

  • In-depth study of retail management platforms (Vendor Central and Seller Central)

  • In-depth study of advertising management platforms (Amazon Marketing Service)

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