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Kiliagon (formerly Xingu) is part of Labelium group and is an Amazon Ads Advanced Partner with multiple offices across Europe like in Spain, French, German ad of course Italy.
We are an Agency based in Milan (Italy) and our mission is providing highly specialized Amazon and E-retail media services thanks to a dynamic and scrupulous team ready to take care of your business.



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Thanks to our expecience we developed the Kiliagon Suite Platform, a model of Saas that helps all those Brands that need to go in deep in all the data sources of Amazon.

Our platform is in continuous development in order to always keep up with the times.

It’s available to all our partners to analyze the main touchpoints.

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We were looking for an agency that would allow us to move around the Amazon world with an integrated approach between media and retail and Kiliagon proved to be the right partner for the challenge that we set ourselves at Campari. The young and dynamic team has been able to accompany and support us in the complexities, making a great contribution to building the value of our iconic brands in the marketplace.


With Kiliagon we have developed a great way of working. We truly feel part of the same team in a partnership logic oriented towards a common goal. The exchange of information between Team Kiliagon and Team Venchi is fast and effective and they are a good direct bridge with Amazon. The qualitative and quantitative contribution to support to direct strategies and improve campaign results is very good, as well as the economic benefits they bring us as Amazon’s partner in terms of discounts/gifts. They are very flexible in our Christmas and Easter peak periods and this allows us to better ride the wave of sales.


When we talk about children, HIPP Organic is the parent’s number one ally but when we talk about e-commerce… it was a little less so. Luckily for digital families, there is Kiliagon which has brought children’s favorite brand into thousands of trolley-shaped icons. From a business point of view Amazon seemed to be the optimal place to offer our customers the opportunity to buy online in a pandemic and disoriented world. Certainly thanks to Kiliagon’s consultancy he did it quickly and efficiently, opening the doors to optimized revenue possibilities and a greater understanding of the e-commerce dynamics that we continue to treasure and… business.


Three brands, five countries and a dozen different product categories. Not a simple challenge, but a challenge that Kiliagon has been carrying out flawlessly for over three years with professionalism, availability and efficiency. In fact, it is not easy for a company like Haier, whose core business is large household appliances, to best preside over and obtain results in an e-commerce like Amazon. However, thanks to the team and their know-how, with targeted strategies that are aware of the market in which we operate, we have managed to achieve surprising results.


Kiliagon is a key partner in our growth within Amazon. The team that follows the Bolton Home Care project has always proved to be passionate, tireless and proactive; capable of fully exploiting the specific skills of the Channel and developing new ones focused on the Category. The tools of the Analytics Division deliver sophisticated and customizable insights, thanks to which it is possible to investigate what determines effective growth. We often feel part of the same Extended Team, forgetting the boundaries closely linked to one or the other Company, a sign that teamwork is perfectly successful.


For every company that operates on Amazon, it has now become crucial to rely on a solid partner in the difficult fight to conquer the “digital shelf”. Kiliagon has proved to be the perfect partner for Bialetti on several occasions, both in helping us define a differentiated strategy (multi-country and cross-category), and in day-by-day operational management. By now our weekly calls have become a fixed point of comparison, always useful in connecting the dots between Advertising and Retail data and planning activities and next steps together. All this always sharing a common vision on the objectives. I just hope they appreciate us as well, even though we often keep them stuck talking about how the world of digital advertising on Amazon will move in the near future!


The collaboration with the Kiliagon Team (formerly Xingu) began several years ago and we believe that the path taken up to now, both in terms of expertise and performance, is positive for Alessi The contribution made is helping us to develop a strategy and to learn more about the dynamics of a complex reality like that of Amazon. The Team is competent and professional, and is supporting us in analyzing the results, optimizing the business and identifying the right way to achieve the objectives.

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Xingu Srl Via Carlo Poma, 41 – 20129 Milan (MI), Italy – VAT IT10206600966 – Registered Capital 14.127,27 – REA MI-2513905

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