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Kiliagon Suite: save time and get more data

Kiliagon Suite

With the experience and the constant development of these past five years we decided to open the Kiliagon Suite Platform with a Self Service mode too. We built a model of Saas that helps all those Brands that need to go in deep in all the data sources of Amazon such as APIs Advertising, DSP APIs and Retail APIs as well as a whole series of key parameters such as the Share of Voice organic and sponsored, Brand Protection tools on product pages, feedback and reviews and much more.

Kiliagon Suite

Thanks to our experience we're proud to announce you our Kiliagon Suite Platform

Kiliagon Suite

a completely new and fully customizable platform that delivers Amazon Insights 10x faster.

Kiliagon Suite top 10 features

  • 1

    Simple sales & ADV tracking

  • 2

    Multi-country data collection

  • 3

    Sourcing from Seller & Vendor

  • 4

    Organic and paid Share of Voice

  • 5

    Competitor and market metrics

  • 6

    Custom goals monitoring

  • 7

    Custom alerts setting

  • 8

    Tag system to customize the output

  • 9

    Complete Advertising Dashboard

  • 10

    Catalog overrides monitoring

Kiliagon Suite is the tool you need to be successfull in the Amazon Marketplace

Discover with our experts what's the plan that better fits your need.

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