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Kiliagon Suite

Kiliagon proprietary platform for monitoring information and insights across all amazon marketplaces, with a comprehensive set of strategic services for every need: from performance assessment to sales growth

Market Analysis Tool

Amazon market analysis to identify the degree of competitiveness of the category and the saturation of the channel. the goal is to evaluate which are the major players in the category, identify growth opportunities and define the best strategies to launch new products and improve sales on the channel.
  • Market share with revenue estimates and best-selling category details
  • Market competition analysis with customer satisfaction index and average price per brand
  • Reporting new category competitors in amazon
  • Reporting new product reviews and comments
Market Analysis Tool

Catalog Control Tool

Analysis of the products pages in order to identify the areas of improvement to focus on and to enhance the product communication and the conversion rate.
  • Identify brand products not associated with the catalog
  • Analysis of the brand product sheets and quality scores identification
  • Sentiment analysis with recurring keywords identification
  • Reporting unauthorized changes to the brand product sheet
  • Reporting new reviews or edits in the q&a section
Catalog Control Tool

Discoverability Keyword Tool

Analysis and monitoring of product ranking on amazon search pages for reference keywords. the higher the indexing of the product, the easier it will be for the user to find the product.
  • Keyword opportunity analysis with estimated traffic volume
  • Organic trend and sponsorship discoverability ranking
  • Reporting any changes in the ranking of the products
  • Reporting any newcomer products on reference keywords
Discoverability Keyword Tool

Advertising Intelligence Tool

Analysis and evaluation of the media in amazon with reference to the objectives, set both through in-amazon and out-of-amazon campaigns with automated bidding strategies.
  • Average phasing with traffic and revenue estimates with different scenarios
  • Campaign detailed analysis
  • Acos reporting above target
  • Reporting new opportunities for increased revenues
Advertising Intelligence Tool

Brand Protection Tool

Analysis and monitoring of the amazon buybox in order to map the resellers pricing policies of resellers and identify any unfair pricing practices. the goal is to be able to increase the buyability rate to achieve more revenues on the product.
  • Data of the sellers that are competing for the buybox, with their vat and country details
  • Analysis of the price difference based on the standard company price list
  • Discount opportunities reporting
  • Reseller reporting with sub-list prices
Brand Protection Tool