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Xingu changes names and becomes Kiliagon

Xingu has announced an important news: our agency specialized in the Amazon channel changes its name and implements an international rebranding. From today it will be called Kiliagon. This change reflects the need for growth of the Italian agency, which in 2021 opened offices in France, Germany and Spain. Kiliagon is at the center of the market as a consulting company with proprietary tools, fully specialized on the Amazon universe and whose goal is to be the keystone for the success of its partners through advanced optimization techniques that come as a result of its extensive experience of cases on an international level. The name Kiliagon, from the Greek kiliàgonos, represents a polygon with a thousand sides. The philosopher and mathematician Descartes used the chiliagon as an example in his head to demonstrate the difference between pure intellect and imagination. Descartes used this figure to represent something that is conceivable by the intellect, but hardly imaginable. In the case of Kiliagon, this figure has been interpreted as an image of the multiple tasks that the agency manages for its customers on Amazon, which they can hardly imagine, given the complexity of the marketplace. With the help of Kiliagon and the team's expertise, everything takes a definite shape. Following the concept of the difficult imaginability of the chiliagon polygon, Kiliagon becomes the tool that makes the experience of brands on Amazon simpler, concrete, imaginable and therefore achievable. "The rebranding coincides with the closure of the success as a startup and with the launch of the international scale up phase. In Labelium's agency platform project, Kiliagon will be the Business Unit specialized on Amazon, an international partner to compete in a constantly evolving market where automation and adaptability to new business models is a primary importance" – Mattia Stuani, CEO & Founder.