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Prime Day: huge Advantages for Brands

Prime Day is the key event and the most important period for brands that want to intercept a huge volume of audiences. Amazon has announced that the event will be in July, a month ahead of 2021; this year all the big events such as Prime Day, Black Friday and the Christmas season will be in the second half of the year. The exact date came out recently, revealed by amazon to the industry people, to be able to get to the date with assets and strategies ready to be activated.

In kiliagon, we have helped many brands to face the prime day across all marketplaces and on different product categories; we have developed a refined practice and strategic method with years of experience behind us, to be ready when a Prime Day occurs.

We have identified five long-term advantages, that show how participating in Prime Day is a great idea, not a cost but a great opportunity for brands, to consolidate and expand the sales on the channel.

The growth of Lifetime Value

When a brand drastically increases the number of sales and the number of consumers, in a short time it can go to work on an audience that will go again to buy the product; working on audience trust and customer loyalty there will be purchases even after the prime day and in the long term.

The growth of organic ranking

The growth of sales in a short period but substantial, gives the possibility of growing the organic ranking: the amazon algorithm in fact, that factor that affects the positioning in the search ranking, sees very favorably the growth of sales during a short period; in this way the Brand manages to gain a competitive advantage of the category ranking; therefore the ratio between sales made by advertising compared to organic ones has a shift towards the latter.

Market share

One of the objectives for a brand that works on amazon is to increase the marketshare: participating in the prime day you can also positively impact the market share compared to the brands that do not participate. Earning points in market share during Prime Day also gives you the opportunity to have a number of competitive advantages throughout the year.

Growth of Brand Awareness

By exposing the Brand and products to a greater number of potential consumers, even those who do not buy generate memorability, which the Brand will be able to use during the long-term amazon strategy.

Brand Protection

By participating in Prime Day, brands ensure protection to the position that the product has reached; by not entering Prime Day, it is highly likely to lose points compared to the brands that participate.

Surely Prime Day must be prepared with a study and a specific strategy that is included in a more long-term strategy; the biggest opportunity it offers is the increase in sales. On Amazon it is good to remember, however, that everything is interconnected; it is necessary to take into account the budget and selection of products, marketing strategy and operations; poorly preparing one of these points all the strategic structure falls. It is therefore good to rely on experts who help prepare a strategy not only ad hoc for Peak Season events such as Prime Day, but that also brings results throughout the year.