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Power Images

Power Images are an innovative and visually appealing method to showcase the essential product features to shoppers visiting the Product Detail Page, aimed at capturing their attention and interest.

Among the many benefits of having Power Images in the Product Detail Page, we have selected three main ones:
Enhance the communication of product values and features more effectively
- Simplify complex information to make it understandable
- Differentiate Brands from competitors and bo brand awareness

- However, Brands must also pay attention to the following risks that may occur with Power Images
-The possibility of a bug occurring on Amazon when loading Power Images exists because there is no automatic translation. This means that loading images in Italy, for example, may result in overwriting images in other marketplaces or globally, potentially causing users to end up with images containing foreign language content, which could negatively impact conversion rates.
< -Prior to designing Power Images, it is important to briefly review product reviews to identify common customer concerns and questions. This is because there is a risk of including information that may not be meaningful to customers.
-There is a risk of including too much information and making the Power Images cluttered with overly long or complex sentences. Instead, write attention-grabbing one-liners.

A final tip that needs to be remembered regards the mobile shoppers. It is crucial for Power Images to have a uniform and appealing appearance across all screen sizes.

See two examples of Power Images below