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News for the Sponsored Brand Format

Now in Europe too the Sponsored Brands assume a structure similar to the campaigns of Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display format: It is possible to create within a single SB different ad groups with distinct targets; In each ad group, you can also create different ads of the same type in terms of format but using different creative assets.
For the classic Sponsored Brand (Product Collection) with a custom image, there is now the possibility of not inserting any product within the creative setting of the campaign: it will be shown in top of search as a banner generated from the inserted image, with a white space in the center containing the brand logo and the headline.
For Sponsored Brand Video campaigns, you can now set up a Brand's Store page as a landing page and the recommended bid ranges are finally available for this format.
Finally, starting from October the new Sponsored Display Video format will beavailable Worldwide too.

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