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Branded Content & Amazon: the FaceD & Lifestyles case

In December 2020, with our customers Face D, a dermocosmetics brand, and Lifestyles, a condom brand, we planned branded content activities in collaboration with the online magazines Alfemminile.it and Amica. Why is it important to integrate branded content activities into your adv strategy? Branded content can increase engagement and trust between consumers and brands, but above all to increase awareness. We then analyze in detail the activities carried out and the results obtained.

The FaceD case

For FaceD, a two-day campaign was activated on 5 and 6 December 2020 of branded content on the online magazines of Alfemminile.it and Amica.it. While with Alfemminile.it an editorial content was created that consisted of an article focused on FaceD products, with Amica.it instead a social campaign was organized, including dark posts and stories in dark both on Instagram and Facebook. The main advantage of this type of activity is to create brand awareness, bringing their products to a site outside of Amazon. In fact, the purpose is not to produce and increase sales, but only to advertise your Amazon product on an external site, to reach more people and therefore do branding. It is possible that as a result of this type of activity there will be an uplift of sales, which however does not represent one of the main purposes of branded content, but only a positive return of the activity. This has benefits within the amazon channel, which mainly translate into the increase in traffic from users both on the product page and on the brand's store page. For the social activity carried out with Amica.it, different contents have been activated for Instagram and Facebook, focused on the line of "pure active" products: 1 pure lift, 1 pure plump, 1 pure peel and 1 hyaluronic acid mask 5 pieces. On Instagram, the AmicaMagazine account published a post in dark (ie sponsored and not present on the feed) and a story in dark, while on Facebook the page published a carousel always in dark. At Kiliagon, formerly Xingu, we used Amazon Attribution to track the results of the campaign: first we created a tag for each product that allowed us to track the number of clicks made and the views of product detail pages on Amazon. All the links in Amica.it's social posts sent users to the FaceD store on Amazon. We have therefore noticed that the rate of culling on facebook is very low, while on instagram it is a little more important. The final data at the end of the campaign shows a + 250% of visits to the FaceD store on Amazon. If we take as a parameter the pointing to the store, out of 2,391 total clicks on creativity, 129 (or 5%) have been converted into views of product pages. During the two days of live content, Facebook users on average saw a product page each. This means that users landed in the store from the link in social posts, explored the store and clicked on a product on average. It is important to remember that Instagram is a social network with a pool of users with an average age lower than Facebook, thus arousing less interest and fewer clicks of users, given the product category and given the target to which it is addressed. Instagram is also a faster social network, so fewer users tend to dwell on posts or stories, and therefore less chance of generating clicks and views to the store. Despite this, however, contrary to what was shown by the results on the views, only on Instagram conversions were generated. In terms of reach, with posts activated on social media, approximately one million users have been reached.


For the customer Lifestyles, a condom brand, two types of editorial activities have been activated with the online magazine Alfemminile.it. During World AIDS Day, which is announced every year on December 1st, a sponsorship was activated through Instagram stories dedicated to raising awareness of this day, with prevention messages and links to Lifestyle condoms on Amazon. Also on December 1, the sponsorship of products was also activated within the newsletter (which has 85 thousand subscribers) of Alfemminile.it dedicated to prevention, inserting links to product pages.

On December 9, however, an article was published on the Alfemminile.it website focused on the theme of Christmas gifts and how to make the holidays sensual, in one's own intimacy or in that of a couple.

This editorial content featured product placement and links to the Lifestyles brand's product on Amazon. For this article, its sponsorship has also been activated on the Alfemminile.it website through adv banners, and on social media through Facebook and Instagram.
On facebook a post was created with a link to the article, while on Instagram a story was posted with swipe up that refers to the article on the site. The article in question was then included in the Alfemminile.it affiliate newsletter.

The sponsored products within the article were:
  • SKYN Vibes: B08BFSRVYS
  • SKYN Thrill: B07PP8VGDC
  • SKYN Stroke: B08BFV9L18
  • SKYN Elite 36: B07PM6X2K4
The objectives that the client had set himself were:
  • Growth of brand awareness and brand reputation
  • Product placement and product description
  • Drive to store

The results obtained by Lifestyles through the editorial collaboration with Alfemminile.it are as follows:
  • +125k Social Reach
  • +12.97% NL opening rate (of which 0.7% click rate on the product)
  • +67% traffic on the store