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Amazon Weekly Confidential: Mattia Stuani's podcast on the Amazon ecosystem for brands that venture on the platform

Mattia Stuani is the host and creator of the new Amazon Confidential podcast, already online with four episodes on Spotify and other digital platforms. The Podcast was born from the idea of the CEO & Founder of the Kiliagon agency - formerly Xingu - to want to explain in a simple, direct and light way all the dynamics of the channel, from the fundamental ones such as whether or not to open up to the Amazon world, to the more technical and strategic ones once the Brand has started on the platform.

Amazon is the leading existing e-commerce platform in the West, but it is also a very complex ecosystem; Mattia Stuani's Podcast, just like his Kiliagon agency, wants to be a guide and support for brands that decide to go into this adventure and who want to understand all the mechanisms and benefit from them to the full.

The appointment on the Amazon universe is every week with a new episode. Soon there will also be guests who will support the host to deal with more technical and specific issues, but without ever being incomprehensible or boring.